Brother Michael takes students on a haunted tour around SMC

Gaels Pay More for Less

Imagine 3,035 hungry college students with one dining hall and a small coffee shop. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Sitting in the rural hills of Moraga, St. Mary’s College of California is a secluded campus that students stay on all day. With roughly 3,000 undergraduate students, the on campus dining hall becomes very crowded. The breakfast, dinner, and lunch lines are usually backed up to the door in Oliver Hall. Once you are lucky enough to get inside to the food options, there are more lines to wait in. When grabbing a quick snack, it is nearly impossible to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while rubbing elbows with a classmate. Continue reading

Brother Dominic Berardelli turns his Black and Yellow in for Black and White

brother domLooking at Brother Dom sitting in a student’s desk chair, he looks comfortable and welcoming, but it seems that something is missing. It wasn’t the sparkle in his eye or the warmth he exudes, but maybe a bit of yellow to go with his Christian Brother’s garb. As he cracks a joke and sits back in his chair Brother Dom reveals that he is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of the black and yellow. But how did Brother Dom find his way 2,568 miles away from Pittsburgh, PA and land in Moraga, California?  Continue reading